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I have been trying for at least 3 weeks trying to find out how to access & up date my U Connect 7 in my Fiat motor home & keep going in circles on all the web pages. There does NOT appear to be a site dedicated to Australia. I keep being told that my TomTom, or vehicle is either not recognised in Europe or cannot be added to my existing account. Especially when it is impossible to connect the vehicle/device to a PC & have it be recognised. HELP


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    Sorry YamFazMan but neither of those links help. As I said before every time I go to those types of links I end up with EU or US sites that have NO relevance to AU.
    I followed the directions of the In Dash system & had it "prepare" a USB stick to update from the PC.
    The PC, via TomTom Home will not recognise the USB. It asks for the "device" to be connected by the devise's USB cord. Bit hard as it does NOT have one & I haven't found one long enough yet. Be that as it may, I tried to do it with a laptop, same result.
    Tried to have "Home" add a new device, guess where I ended up? 'The system does not recognise that device in Europe'.
    I am quickly getting to the point of resurrecting an older windscreen device & NOT using the U Connect 7 at all. BTW, it is in a vehicle less that 6 months old!