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Where are all my voices

I recently wanted to use my TomTom GO510. However it has lost all its voices rendering it useless for navigation.
I have tried a factory reset but to no avail.
PLEASE HELP! I am beyond desperate as I have been trying for over a week to resolve this issue. I have received no replies to emails and other messaging systems aren’t working.


  • DougLapDougLap Posts: 7,758
    Hi @Pip2353

    Hopefully @VikramK will pick this up and add the voices back for you. Look back here later.

  • LAURE123LAURE123 Posts: 1,632
    Hi all


    Your GO510 works like my GO5100. Have you tried to download a voice with MyDrive Connect (MDC) software? A Computer Voice (TTS) for UK it's "Serena".
    You can only install voices in your device's internal memory. And for that you must have free space available. TomTom requests at least 400MB of free space.

    If you do not have enough free space install a smaller EU map with fewer countries in the internal memory or add a microSD card for the full EU map. Only after you donwload and install a voice.

    For a smaller EU Map:
    ==> Open the submenu of the map, in "My content" tab go down in "My Maps", click on the map picture, not on the button and choose "Change". You will see a list of maps, go down in the end you will see maps between 4 and 5GB.

    If you need to add a microSD, how to do it:

    For EU Full Map: due of its size 9GB MyDrive Connect (MDC) will put it directly on the microSD card (You can also choose a EU map zone too large to fit in the internal memory)
    ==> Open the submenu of the map, in "My content" tab go down in "My Maps", click on the map picture, not on the button and choose "Install Full Map With Buildings".

    Only after the map or if you have already enough free space, you install a computer voice (TTS):
    ==> In MDC / "My Content" tab / go down to "My Voices" / "Add voices to your device" / choose a TTS voice (50/60MB) / "Install" button.
    For UK search Serena or Malcom.

    Disregard the term "Not Available", it's a bug in the MDC display, all voices in all languages are showed "Not Available". Installation is possible and the voice works.

    If this does not work with MDC, a moderator can push a voice for download but however you should have free space available to install it.


  • Pip2353Pip2353 Posts: 2 [Apprentice Seeker]
    I only have one map, Europe with UK and. Ireland buildings. So I can’t remove it! Any other thoughts?
    I have an old TomTome device that has been brilliant, this GO510 is an absolute pain, I hate it and am bitterly disappointed with TomTom for their total lack of support.
  • VikramKVikramK Posts: 11,637 Moderator
    Hi @Pip2353

    Your TomTom comes with World Lifetime maps.
    Try downloading a smaller map(E.g. Venezuela or only the UK and ROI) to the internal memory of the device[remove the present map Europe with UK & Ireland with buildings] which will allow you to free up space to install voices.
    Then you can use a memory card to install a full Europe map.

    Thanks, Vikram
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