TomTom Go Trial - How do I cancel?

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I've been trying the TomTom Go App for the Iphone and Apple play on my Honda Jazz Crosstar. Unfortunately the App doesn't work for me. I'm getting GPS lag so the the app is at least 200yard behind my actual position. At roundabouts, I've already crossed them before the app tells me which direction to go. The screen only seems to show 3d mode so it becomes very difficult to be sure of which direction to go.

I'll stick to my TomTom GO 5200 satnav, but I can't seem to find a way to cancel the trail period. How do I cancel? Are you saying I must pay for a subscription because I tried the trail period?

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    chas87 Registered Users Posts: 10
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    Jürgen wrote: »
    If you're on the latest 2.3 version there should no longer be a pay wall until the end of the trial period.

    Thank you for the very quick reply. I'd love to keep using the App and would willing subscribe. I tried my phone in various positions including on the windscreen but the positional delay was always there. It was very difficult to sort out the direction to go in unfamiliar places. Thanks again
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