When is 'my routes' coming back?

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I've been using Tomtom Go mobile for a few years now on an android phone. I ride with the IAM (institute of advanced motoring) and need a way of following routes while on the course and decided that this app was a better choice than buying the BMW navigator (garmin) for my bike. Recently I've changed to an iphone and now there is no option to view/use routes. From googling this is apparently linked to the new maps. Last weekend I tried the android app on my old phone and the maps have updated there, so I no longer have routes on that phone either. The option is there, but it shows an empty selection.

I need a sat nav that can import and follow routes. I'm happy to pay for this rather than using a free app. However, it is annoying when the function is taken away in the middle of my using the app as I'm now paying for an app that only works for me in the car.

My question is how long will it be until pre-planned routes are allowed on these maps? If this isn't possible will it be possible to use an older version of the maps with routes? I don't mind having a few road changes missing if this allows me to follow a route that someone else has set.

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