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I am having so much trouble contacting TomTom “Contact us” won’t send, none of the phone numbers work, the robot message seems to go but I get no reply, so I have resulted in this facility in the hope that someone at TomTom will respond. Next option is to write to the UK and Amsterdam offices
My last attempt went:-
Please help me!
You have sent me a "No reply" email saying that you have cancelled my order for a go connection cable. I already have this and want it. What I want to cancel is the speed camera service as it won't download onto my Tomtom, for which you have been taking 2 payments per month even though you reimbursed me for two payments some time back. What I want is to continue with the normal live service. It seems impossible to communicate with Tomtom. Please contact me at [email protected] or call on 017*******.
Thank you,

It seems that TomTom no longer support GO Live 1000 according to some very small print I eventually found but they are happy to take two payments a month for a service I can’t use.
So far they (You) have taken £32.89 and refunded £5.89 in the middle.