Dropping a pin from google maps

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I upgraded to a 6250 a few weeks ago and im told by others, that you can drop a pin from google maps onto the satnav. i.e, the exact location you find on google maps can be sent to the 6250. How do you do that?


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    Maybe useful....
    Transfer the individual Google Map locations manually to the MDW Route planner
    MyDrive Web Route planner....
    Here... https://mydrive.tomtom.com/
    With Google Maps and the MyDrive Web Route planner both running
    (1)... Type the location into the Google Maps Search Box and Right-click on the offered location marker and select 'What's here'
    (2)... Right-click on the Map at the required location and select 'What's here'
    (3)... A small window opens at the bottom of the screen... Click on the displayed Coordinates... the Coordinates are now displayed in the normal Search Box
    (4)... Copy the Coordinates & Paste them into the MyDrive Web Route planner (Press Enter on your Keyboard) the MDW Route planner will Zoom to the location....
    Right-Click on the Icon to....
    Send Destination
    Add to MyPlaces
    Use as Starting point
    Plan Route
    If you have a Route already planned....
    Right-Click on the Icon to add a Stop

    Stay Safe... ATB YFM