The setting for 'always ask type of route' on GO 5200 has never worked

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I keep getting offers from TomTom about new products. I wonder why TomTom believe that I would want to invest in a new TomTom product, since TomTom has refused to fix the software error in my 5200 GO. I bought 3 of them and they are share the same error. So why should I take the risk to buy or recommend a new TomTom product to my family and friends?


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    Hi @ChooseMySpeed

    The GO5200 does not have in Settings under Route Planning the option that your Heading suggests of "Always ask Type of Route" that can be selected. This was available on old Tomtom devices that were sold a number of years ago but has not been a available on models for a long time

    It has an option to "Ask me so I can Choose" under the heading "When a Faster Route is available: which comes into effect when you have a route set and Traffic has identified a faster route

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    5200 GO - Software feature error -
    The setting for always ask type of route has never worked (Snip)
    Sorry but it doesn't say that....
    The 1st Section of the Route planning Menu Screen applies when you have already planned a route and you are driving the Route
    On the Live Tomtom Devices 'When a faster route become available' the device will....
    Option... (1) = Don't ask me... Always take the Fastest route
    Option... (2) = Always ask me... Before taking the Fastest route
    Option... (3) = Don't Ask me at all... Stick to the planned Route

    Route planning screen... Section (1)
    The 2nd Section of the Route planning Menu is the default Route planning type for ALL Route planning
    Option... (1) = Fastest route
    Option... (2) = Shortest route
    Option... (3) = Most eco-friendly route
    Etc... Etc...

    Route planning screen... Section (2)
    Note... After the last NavKit update the Avoid Motorways option was moved to a new menu....

    Now you... Plan & Calculate your Route -->
    Tap 4Dot (....) Menu --> 'Current Route' --> 'Avoid Road Types' --> Select... 'Avoid Motorways'
    I think the idea is now they have added Tunnels & Country Borders to the list, is to have all the 'Avoids' listed in one Menu....


    The earlier NAV2/3 devices are Menu focused
    Asking all the questions and button pushing at the start... Then the device planned the route
    The early Devices asked me to choose the Route Type EVERY time I planned a route....
    But at least 95% of my journeys I would choose the Fastest Route + Motorways....

    The Latest NAV4/5 (Wi-Fi) devices are... Map Centric (Tomtom Speak)
    The Route planning has the highest priority, 95% of the time I want the Fastest Route + Motorways... Job Done....
    On the odd occasions I want something different, say I want to 'Avoid Motorways'...
    After Planning and Calculating the route....
    I Tap the 4Dot (....) Menu --> 'Current Route'--> 'Avoid Road Types'....
    Choose the Route Type required e.g... Avoid Motorways, the device recalculates the route avoiding Motorways