No own POI's visible in 3D driving mode

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I can't see my own POI's when I am in 3D driving mode.
In 2D they are visible.
I uploaded them again but it didn't help.
I turned them off and on again but that didn't help.
I can's get a good answer from TomTom.
They would pass it on to the developers, but there is still no solution.
I also have a TomTom GO40 with the same problem.
It probably has come since the charging stations were downloaded into my TomTom.

Does anyone have a solution to this problem as I don't have it and apparently TomTom hasn't either?


  • rapiddau
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    my Rider does not show me my own POIs in streetview (3d). In mapView (2d) it works well. Same POIs works in Rider500 well, show well in both view. Radarcam, Gas station works right.
    Config: latest firmware and map. Soft and hardreset incl. reconfig the firmware..
    Does somebody has any idea??