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1) Is it possible to display only a subset of favorites on the route planer?
I have a collection of Favorite places that I have collected over the years. Now I would like to plan a trip but having all my favorites on the screen is making the screen very cluttered and busy making it difficult to plan.
2) Is there anyway to disable the very large white TomTom banner in the top of the route planning screen?

See attached picture for clarityjw5ncbk569cy.png


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    Welcome to the site...
    F11 on the PC Keyboard will give you more screen Real estate....

    Many users have asked for the facility to back-up their MyPlaces to a PC
    The Tomtom MyDrive Web Route planner....
    i.e... the Tomtom Cloud

    The MyDrive Route planner allows you to download your data from the Tomtom Cloud
    The file looks like unusable Gobbledegook, but the MyPlaces can be found in the file
    Click on image to enlarge....

    User Ethoz....
    Posted a link to a excellent Tomtom MyPlaces to .Ov2 POI file converter tool

    There's a Mac & PC version ....

    Download and install TomtomPOI.exe from the above link
    Note... I have Virus checked the file with Avast Anti Virus all OK
    Run TomtomPOI

    1st Click on Open...
    A New Filer Window opens
    Find & Select the (Your username goes here)_MyDrive.json.gz file
    Saved from the Tomtom MyDrive Web Route planner
    Click on the 'Open' Box

    2nd Click on Copy
    3rd Click on Yes
    4th Click on Yes
    5th Click on Save
    b]Name the .Ov2 file & Save to the PC Desktop[/b]
    I saved my .Ov2 file to the Desktop as "_Favorites (
    Note "_Favorites.ov2" The Underscore before the "_F" is not displayed on the Tomtom screen, but it forces the POI category to the top of the list....

    You can now delete the MyPlaces that aren't required (Saves the MyPlaces blue star screen clutter) and use your New Favorites POI Category instead

    Searching a POI Category
    Stay Safe... ATB YFM