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How do I dentify my device and how to update it?

The support page used to have a really useful page where I could type in the first 2 letters of my serial number and it would tell me what device I had and how to update it.

Unfortunately the new website has taken away this page and any searches for it return 0 useful results!

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    Welcome to the site....
    If you know the 1st 2 Characters... For example My GO Premium = ZS

    Tomtom Support --> Home page...
    On Tomtom Support --> Search for Answers --> If I Type 'ZS' Then Tap Enter/Return....
    The search offers....
    One result for "ZS" in All Categories
    Device details: TomTom GO (Wi-Fi)
    Serial number prefixes: Zl, ZF, ZN, ZB, ZO, ZE, ZA, ZR, ZS, ZT, ZF, X5, X6, X7, X8,
    TomTom Support Navigation Devices Wi-Fi

    Click on link for 'ZS' Search Results...

    Note... This works using the 1st 2 Characters for all of my Tomtom devices....

    Stay Safe... ATB YFM


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