Reporting a mobile speed camera

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I have reported a mobile speed camera many time via TomTom6000.
I just took the time to try again via mapshare.
It has been immediately rejected,
I suggest that as I have driven down the A3 for the last five years, I know more than whoever declined my report.
The camera is at the end of the slip road joining from Burntcommon heading towards Guildford.


  • Lochfrass
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    It may have been rejected because it is not a " permanent change "
    If I remember correctly, a camera that is reported via the device remains in the system for 2 hours if it is not reported again.
    If it is reported again, it will be extended again by two hours.

    Mapshare reporter should only be used for permanent changes
    Perhaps it can be reported as a "frequent location of mobile cameras"?
  • JonathonLuk
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    The Old TomTom let you specify/report the type of camera. I despair if TomTom is not showing the frequent sites of mobile cameras and allow you to report them.
    Why is it that on the other side of a dual carriageway about a mile away, TomTom knows there is a mobile camera