My sat nav can`t find a gps signal.Any guidance ?

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    Which Model Tomtom do you own ???

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    Hi @Sparkyman

    Try charging the unit for at least 2 hours or attach it to a power source like a power bank and then go outside well away from buildings, trees etc so you have a clear view of the sky all around.

    Turn the unit On and when ready to use Press and Hold the ON/OFF button for 20 seconds plus until you hear the drumroll sound. The unit will restart and when ready create a route and get it ready for you to drive off. When ready place the unit down with the clear view of the sky for about 30 minutes. It should then find the satellites and having done so should find them quicker next time. Also make sure you keep it up to date.

    It has been noted that if you leave the unit on a car roof it can find the Sats quicker. Ensure that the unit is not allowed to fall off the roof and keep an eye on it all the time.