I can't update my car device using TOMTOM home as it doesn't work with 64bit macOs ? What to do?

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I have tried downloading the latest tomtom home for Macs but it doesn't work with 64bit Macs . What can I do?


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    Hi guys. After a lot of tries and contact TomTom support, I managed to fix the problem and installed the program. Key is to install Java Jdk 1.8.152 if you have Mac 64bits. Once done, TomTom HOME installation will run smooth.

    In order to do it you have to take some steps:

    STEP 1 : Go to:

    STEP 2: Scroll down and look for Jdk 1.8.152. Download: jdk- 8u -152 macosx-x64.dmg

    PASO 3: You will be directed to Oracle web site. Create and account or log in if you have already an account. You will receive an email to verify account. Click and you will be directed to the Oracle web site again

    STEP 4 Once you are logged in, go again to download page to download the fie: jdk- 8u -152 macosx-x64.dmg

    STEP 5 Install the downloaded program jdk- 8u -152 macosx-x64.dmg

    STEP 6 Once java is installed, download and Install TomTom Home from Tom Tom web site

    This should work. It worked for me with OS Catalina V. 10.15.5

    This appears to work for me too. Hurray!