Euro map deleted

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i had the uk and Ireland map in internal memory, and eu and uk external.

The last update killed my eu map why is this, now have to waste time adding it back again

Dont know if it was firmwear or map update

My 6200 still has both

So much for a premium tom tom


  • DougLap
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    Hi @KingJohnPremium

    If you are doing updates it is best to do them one at a time.

    If you have lost the Europe map then presumably there was an issue during the the update was not completed properly as a result the EU map was lost. The original map is deleted first to make space for the updated map.

    If you ensure that on both your GO6200 and the GO Premium have a minimum of 2 maps on each unit and do updates one at a time then you should be able to run the unit normally and then reinstall any map should it be lost.