only route to works ,route back doesn t

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we both have this app installed but the route to my destination works,the route back to home(or any other adress) doesn t work.It says no route ,....i first thought this was due to the free first month periode but now i have subscribed it still doesn t work.on more then one devive?any tips??


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    Hi @Joke1959

    I'm not sure if I understand. Can you give me the exact error message?

    "No route possible" is usually shown when a map is missing between current location and destination. If the map is the Netherlands, make sure you also install the maps for ferry connections. Otherwise, for example in Zeeland, you might be missing a bridge.

    Family sharing of subscriptions will be introduced with iOS 14.

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    I have simmular problem. App not finding address second time I use app. A lot of times has to restart iPhone to search for new address. I have tried to find reason long time. Had iPhone 6 nd 7 and now 11 same problem on all. Newest maps location is activated. Second search not working.
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    Are you clearing the 1st route before planning the 2nd ???

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