Rider 550 stopped charging when on my motorcycles

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I have a TomTom Rider 550. Suddenly it has stopped charging when connected on my motorcycles. It used to automatically turn on when connected to the power cable, now it won't. Nor will it charge. It does still charge and update when in the house using wi-fi.


  • RoadRider
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    Check if there is 5 V dc between the two pins on the mount.

    If not check if de cable to the mount has 12 V dc.
    When there is 12 V the cable or mount is broken.

    You will not be the first where a bad connection with motorcycle is the problem.
  • VikramK
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    Hi @Baldybiker

    Welcome to the community! Also if you could you try cleaning the contact points on the RIDER and the mount, see if that helps?


  • Baldybiker
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    Hi Road Rider and VikramK,
    I did check the voltage and continuity through the power cable. On two cables attached to two bikes I have continuity and on one bike I have 12V at the plug in to the mount lead. The other bike can't be tested for voltage as I am awaiting a new battery.
    I tested for a reading across the back of the sat nav connections and was rewarded with a reading. Across the pins of the mount there is nothing (dead as a Dodo). So I concluded a duff mount and have ordered a new one. I'll let you know what transpires.
    Regards and thanks for your replies.
  • Baldybiker
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    Hi RoadRider & VikramK,

    This morning I received a new 'dock'. I slipped it on the screen section, plugged it in on the bike and voila, I heard the drums, it works. The Baldybiker is delighted. Thank you very much for your replies.

    Kindest Regards