Can I save a POI anywhere other than My Places.

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Hi I would like to separate my POI's into groups. I would like to save my Work locations into a group called "work" I am a keen photographer and would also like to save my favourite Photo locations into a gropu called "Camera". Is it possible to create different poi groups rather than lump them all together in MY Places.


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    You can upload a group of POI’s using a .OV2 POI file in MyDrive Web.

    So Camera.OV2 will create your Camera group.

    Not all TomTom PND’s support syncing community POI’s.
    My Rider can sync an display the POI’s on the map.
    The old Navigation App for Android can sync them to be used as for example destination but not display them on the map.
    The new Navigation App for Android does not support POI files (yet).

    To create an OV2 file you van use a POI editor like PoiEdit.
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    Thanks for the response. However what I wanted was to save locations in my device (Via 52) as I find them. For example I may pass a location which I wish to return to for photography so I would want to save that in a group called "Camera". Alternatively I may pass a different location that I need to save for my Job, so I would want to save this in a group called "work". I know I can create these groups on a PC and load them later however I would like to save them as I come ac cross them using the tomtom. if possible.