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I am unable to plan a journey. Where is this option?


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    Hi @Trish_Mc59

    If you want to create a route from somewhere other than where you are.

    Search for a place to start. When you have found it select it and it appears on the map with Drive next to it. Press the 3 vertical dots next to Drive and select Use as Starting point.

    Repeat the same process and find your destination. Select it and let the unit create a route between the 2 places.

    Now you can search for another place and when you select it and see on the map Tap the 3 Dots and select Add to route

    You can repeat the latter to add a number of waypoints on the route.

    When you have completed it you can save it as a route or Tap Drive and follow it.

    Hope that helps

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    Further to Doug's post
    Tomtom User Manual... GO Navigation app for iPhone....

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