Can you set up the tomtom golf watch for left handed people so buttons work in opposite direction?

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I've owned my golf watch for a while but hadn't used it in a while. When I did use it again, I'm almost certain the button to navigate is working in the opposite direction to what it used to. It's as if it's now set up for a left handed person wearing the watch on the right hand. I am a right handed person and wear the watch on my left hand.


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    There is no way to change what wrist you wear it on, so you are either mistaken or it is a software glitch. You can try a factory reset and see if that corrects it.
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    Thanks for confirming that. Before I try the reset, can you confirm the standard direction of the button then please? If I start from the rest position showing the time and date, if I push the button upwards, the display moves from the time and date to the settings menu. What you see on the screen is it moving downwards. Now I'm in settings, if I push the button upwards twice, I move downwards on the screen options from <About> to <Clock> and then <Tracker>. If I then push the button to the left, it takes me right in to the <Tracker> option, and I'm on <Sync> now. In summary, if I move the button up, I'm navigated down on the screen. If I move the button left, I'm navigated to the right. This is why I thought it was back to front.