TomTom Go Navigation - can the old lane assistant in the navigation app be re-activated ?

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Is there an option in the menu of the newly updated navigation app to restore the old lane assistant with the blinking road signs ? I preferred the old lane assistant very much to the new dynamic lane assistant. I do hope that TomTom offers at least the possibility to switch between the old and the new dynamic lane assistant in a future update. To my mind the old one was optically perfect and did not need any "improvement".


  • lampard
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    Hi @wittmbu

    Welcome to the Community! Thank you for your feedback, I'll send this to my team but I doubt this will change in future. If you do not wish to see the moving lane guidance, you can switch it off from Settings> select Appearance> toggle the Motorway exit previews setting.

    Regards, lampard
  • eddydc
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    If things won't change in the future, please make the new version work as one expects. As said in the other thread, the moving lane guidance isn't always correct. I was yesterday on an exit of a motorway/highway. This exit had two lane each going to a different direction. The audio direction were clear, but the guidance showed the two lanes in blue.

    I hope one will fix this issue, among the other issues I've reported in the other thread (and didn't get any response for so far).