No traffic on mobile data, fine on WIFI

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Hi All,
TomTom Rider 550, updated to the latest software/updates as of 23/08/2020.
Connected to a Samsung S10+, with the MyDrive App freshly installed, and also up to date as of the 23/08/2020.

I'm having a re-occuring problem, whenever i set off from my house, i'm connected to Wifi, everything starts up fine. Traffic connected etc.

Once i'm away from my house, off wifi and onto mobile data. i get 'No Internet' in the traffic and my drive quick access screen. And bluetooth connected, wifi no connection.

On the phone, its connected as normal, 4G signal is strong, all other internet using services are working.
The mobile APN settings have nothing entered against port or proxy.
Google play is set to use mobile data and Wifi.

Still, nothing changes, i cannot get the traffic service and


  • VikramK
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    Hi @StreetDragster
    Welcome to the community!

    Could be related to a software glitch, I would recommend that you do a factory reset and start with a fresh pairing.

    Main menu- Settings- System- Reset device.

    Once done, please give it a test run...

    To avoid losing your stored favorites on the device you can create a back-up using MyDrive..

    See user guide

    Regards, Vikram
  • StreetDragster
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    Morning Vikram
    I've tried the reset this morning, doesn't appear to affecting anything.
    I've also reinstalled the app, fresh bluetooth connection, and soft reset the phone, no change.
  • StreetDragster
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    Any ideas?
  • RoadRider
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    You can try to delete the hidden cache on your phone. (Google for the procedure)

    Than remove the pairing on your Rider.
    Drum rest your Rider.

    And pair your Phone again.

    As an alternative you also can use a normal Bluetooth tethering connection if you pair without MyDrive (don't use te QR code).The Traffic and the MyDrive sync options will but the other phone options like the Google Now feature will not work this way.

    You can use a app like "Blue Car Tethering on Demand" to stop your phone closing the BT tethering connection all the time.

    Wifi Hotspot will also work without the other phone options an uses more battery on your phone and a little bit more mobile data