Tom Tom Via struggles to get a satellite fix

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My Tom Tom Via has been faultless forever, that is until I recently update it. Now it struggles to get a satellite fix, when it has eventually got a fix it loses it so much the device is now useless meaning I'm having to hammer my phone with Google Maps everyday at the moment.
I'm loathe to buy a new device as my Via has been brilliant until this. I really wish I hadn't updated it now.
Any ideas how this can be resolved or is it now ruined?
Thanks in advance.
FYI in case this info helps at all - Device: BPxxxxxxx481 (0) (15.4)
App: 12.075.3065980.84 (0) (2300, 13/7/2018), OS 2663383
GPS 2.18.0 338276, Boot 1167782, Backup 1370596
Map: 'Western_Europe' v1050.10560, Release date: 4/2020

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    I should add that I've tried a soft reset but that didn't work, and I've just done a full factory reset, so I'll see if that's helped next time I use it.
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    Hi @darthtrader

    Also try the following.

    Fully charge the unit or attach to something like a Power bank to ensure it has a good power source. When ready start the unit then when it is ready to use Press and hold the ON/OFF button for about 20 seconds plus until you hear the drumroll sound then let the button go.

    Whilst the unit is restarting go outside well away from buildings and trees etc with a clear view of the sky. all around. Now create a route on the unit and when ready put the unit down and leave for about 30 minutes until the unit has fully searched for the sats. Hopefully it will have now got a good fix and once it as done that it should pick u the sats in future. Also if you get any updates offered ensure they are downloaded.