Live traffic problem - strange (temporary) solution

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Elsewhere on this forum I've posted that even with the new app, deleted and reinstalled, I've had a problem with live traffic disappearing almost as soon as I start my journey, and no-one has been able to suggest why this might occur. Nothing wrong with my phone - can collect live traffic using Google Navigation or Waze, can collect email etc when out and about using mobile data. And all the GO app settings are as they should be.

Phone is about as 'vanilla Android' as it gets, Google Pixel 3XL, Android 10, TT GO v 2.2.3

The short version of the detective-work story is that as soon as my phone connects via BlueTooth to the car's infotainment system, live traffic disappears (car symbol top right with X). Turn off BT on phone, live traffic works. Very strange... but totally reproducible.

Obviously turning off BT and thus giving up hands-free phone and music streaming etc is not a long-term solution, and I've been in touch with TT customer services to see what they say.

This unfortunate experience has made me realise how incredibly useful the live traffic is in my part of the UK with its constantly clogged roads. And, dare I say it, I quite like the new app, although the search function is so slow as to be virtually unusable.


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    Same problem gave me severe brain ache. I'd inadvertently set up a wireless data connection fom the car to the phone, so with no SIM in the car, no data to the phone, no TomTom traffic.

    Simple solution, switch off wireless on the phone, hotspot phone to the car via bluetooth. Car has a data connection.

    TomTom has a connection with traffic data.

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    Yes, see my other post about rSAP, which explains exactly why this happens
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