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I have just switched on to update my TomTom Go Professional 6250 and I am told that the Lifetime maps updates are no longer available and I need to buy another TomTom. I am a pensioner and I use this for navigation only a few times a year in my Motorhome. Please advise


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    Welcome to the site...

    Go Professional 6250 Specs....
    Your device is OK....
    TomTom Traffic via built-in SIM
    Lifetime* TomTom Traffic and Speed Cameras
    Dedicated truck, van and bus POIs
    Updates via Wi-Fi
    Truck, coach, van and car routing
    Smartphone Messages
    Stopped traffic alerts
    MyDrive route planning
    Lifetime* Maps

    The restrictions as a result of the Coronavirus, Social Distancing and people working from home, are probably delaying the Activation of Accounts and the Allocation of Maps & Services to Account’/Devices....
    @VikramK or @lampard the Forum Moderators should pick this up on Monday and check/correct your Tomtom Account status.....

    Stay Safe... ATB YFM
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    Hi, I have a TomTom Start 60, serial VE... with a lifetime map of Western Europe and I would need a lifetime map of the whole of Europe. Thank you!
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    The early Maps fitted easily onto 8GB on-board Memory, but the Map sizes increases with every update... Now the 8GB limit on-board Memory size on the NAV4 devices is an unfortunate, but real Catch22 situation....
    The latest NAV4 Full Europe Map size is now 9GB +

    @VikramK or @lampard the Forum Moderators can add a small Map to your Account to get you passed the 'Catch22' No Maps Found error....
    See Catch22...

    Stay Safe... ATB YFM
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    Hi @ptopping

    Welcome to the community!
    Europe Truck and other services for your TomTom are already active(Lifetime). Also, your device have the latest map version installed. In the future, the device will continue to receive updates.

    You can get the device replaced at the point to sale with the model that comes with Europe lifetime maps.

    Thanks, Vikram