TomTom Go / Galaxy Note 10+ / Separate App Sounds

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Good Morning Everyone,
I know that this is a bit less of a generic issue, but I wonder if someone can help.

I am having an audio routing issue and I know that someone will know the answer. I have largely transferred what I have done between Galaxy models but I think the Android version difference might be the crux.

Use case: I use TomTom Go on my daily driver - when driving, I connect my phone to my car's MediaNav system by Bluetooth. The reason I do this is because the GPS directions can not interpose over the old school radio system, but phone calls will.

My old Galaxy S7 - I used Samsung SmartThings to separate the audio by using the Separate App Sounds option in the phones settings. By default everything routed via my car MediaNav, but then TomTom audio comes from the handset.

My new Galaxy Note 10+ - SmartThings does not seem to work as expected. With the phone connected to the MediaNav, the TomTom app still routes via the Bluetooth to the MediaNav. I have to manually reset the phones default sound unit to the Phone instead of the Bluetooth each time.

I notice that there is a sound routing option in the TomTom Go App, but I have tried them but to no effect.... obviously I can not go fiddling with it while driving so it has taken some time.

Maybe someone has something similar set up that works?

Hope someone can unscramble my rubbish words and make sense of it.


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    This kind of question should be asked in Samsung Members :)
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    Good Morning xwintech.

    I did think of that.

    I came to a conclusion that it might be more likely to find a TomTom Android user with a Samsung here, than a Samsung user who also used TomTom there. That is why I asked here after Reddit.