Anybody having problems with their GPS going blank or shutting down when sync to my drive is on?

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I've had a 60 go for a few years. Never had any issues with it. A few weeks ago it started just shutting down and blanking out on its own. Touchscreen was also acting very slow. I got frustrated with it, so I decide to buy a new one. I got the new 60 Supreme.

When I got out of the box, I set it up and sync to my account, started having the same exact problems. It would start shutting down and blacking out right away. So, I returned it got a replacement.

Before I set up the replacement, I thought I would test it. It worked fine. So, I set up and sync to my my Drive account. Once it got set up to my drive and started syncing it just started shutting down all the time.

I reset it, it was working fine again. But as soon as I logged on to my driveaccount, again and started blacking out and shutting down. To make a long story short, I did several tests and I contacted customer service, I still have the same problem.

I also, tried a different my Drive account . But as soon as I sync to that, and start shutting down again.

It doesn't matter if I connect to Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. As soon as I start syncing, the unit starts acting funny.

I went back to my original unit, and disconnected the sync. Once I did that it started working fine.

So I have had two different my Drive accounts and three different units, and they're are all doing the same thing: once the syncing to the my drive is activated the unit starts Bliking out, shutting down and running slow

Somebody else has to be having this problem.

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    I have been chatting with on line support. Its big a big waste of time. They did swap the unit once. I can't tell you how many times I have had to reset because of them, this post was my last effort befor I demand my money back. Your support center has no idea what they are doing. I spent about 40 minutes with them last week on the Android app not syncing poi and destinations. I asked them if this feature was lost on the update and they said no. After 40 minutes of trying different things and waiting for them to look things up,they told me they would get back to me. The next day they came back and said it was no longer available. They said they are working on it but could give me no eta. I use the app to program my GPS. The app no longer works and now I can't get a GPS to stay on. I have had multiple devices and have been a customer for a long time, but I'm about done. With no poi on the app and no GPS I can use, I might as well be using waze.
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    Hi @Scottbook12

    Firstly can I recommend that you follow @VikramK 's advice and try one of the units on another account to see if this resolves the issue as he suggests . He is from Tomtom so has a lot of information and is a valued contributor to this forum. He would no doubt like your feedback on what happens if you move to another account . Regrettably this will mean that you will lose all the current data that you sync to that device and if this is an issue then let us know as we can get @YamFazMan to help you overcome that issue.

    I get the impression reading your post that you have been using the old Android nav App to create a route and as Routes would sync from that App could get the routes to transfer to your GPS unit. As far as I know the Android My Drive App , feel free to correct me if I am wrong, syncs routes created in it as they do in the IOS App version. So you can create routes in the My Drive app and send the destination or stops to your GPS as well as create routes and save then to the My Routes folder in your Account and sync those to your GPS just as you appear to suggest you have been doing via the Nav App..

    It is correct that the new Android Nav App no longer syncs with My Drive Routes although I think it will sync My Places so is like the IOS version has been all along. TT have announced that they are looking to test the Syncing of routes in the Beta version later this year before adding it to the functions of the new App. As an IOS user I am pleased that they have also said this function will be added to the IOS App at last.

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    Further to Vikram's post...
    Multiple Devices one Account Pro's & Con's

    When using the MyDrive Web (v2) Route planner to sync with Multiple devices
    All of the devices need to use the same Email and Password
    The MyDrive Web (v2) Route planner will then sync to all the devices either Over The Air or via USB as applicable

    I find it best for the initial syncing to be over USB Cable, the transfer is almost instant, especially large .Ov2 files or large numbers of POI files (I run 107 POI on my devices)
    (1)... You will need your device connected to your PC via a Tomtom USB cable...
    (2)... MyDriveConnect running in the background
    (3)... The MyDrive Route Planner running, to be able to add whatever data you want to synchronize across you device/s
    (4)... If you have multiple devices you can only connect one device at a time over USB... Each device must be logged into the MyDrive menu on the device with the same Email address and Password that you used for the MyDriveConnect account

    The Menu path to log into MyDrive on the devices.....
    NAV4 devices............ MyDrive Menu path = (.... Menu) > Tomtom Services > MyDrive
    NAV5 Wi-Fi devices.... MyDrive Menu path = (.... Menu) > Settings > MyDrive
    Note... The only way to change a password on the device is via a Factory Reset

    The MyDrive Route Planner HERE...

    When transferring Planned routes or Destinations across multiple devices... Having all of your devices on the same password and email address can give a glitch with the Live and BYOC devices

    See Cut and Paste below

    Grove Sales wrote:
    We have 3 Go 5100 devices and just recently we have a problem whereby any selected destination is sent to the other 2 devices and vice versa. Has anyone else come across this and if so how do we get them unlinked??
    End Quote...

    If you prefer the single global account across the three devices where the user only has to load the POI’s/Favorites once to the single global Cloud Account
    There is a workaround try..... Logging out of MyDrive on all of the devices
    When you need to sync the route file... Log back into MyDrive on the device/s you wish to sync the data
    I use this method with five devices... After all, you only need to enter the password, the device remembers the email address


    But If you are not happy logging in/out of MyDrive on Your devices and you wish to use the device, you will need to set up a MyDrive account with different Email and password for each device... the downside is you will need to set up and maintain multiple MyDrive Online Route Planner accounts for any MyPlaces, POI's and Routes you wish to sync to the individual devices

    I maintain three NAV4 devices GO 5000, Start 60, Rider 400 and two NAV5 (Wi-Fi) GO 520, 620 by simply logging in/out of MyDrive
    I use a single password across all the devices... You only need to enter the password, the device remembers the email address
    Most of the time on the individual devices I am out logged of MyDrive and only log in to sync data as required, then log out again

    Note..... Logging out of MyDrive on the device does not stop the device receiving Tomtom Traffic and live services info The above does not work in the USA the Live Traffic system is different to UK/Europe

    Stay Safe... ATB YFM
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    First let me announce, creating a new account did fix the problem with the GPS. Now I have a problem that my Tom tom go app and the GPS are on two different accounts. I did pay for the subscription on the app.

    I'm a traveling salesman. I always went with TomTom because of the POI can show up on the map. When I started 12 years ago, Garmin did not have that feature

    When I work at area, I would bring up the app on my phone and look at the POI to see who was in the area I was working.

    I can sit in my hotel room at night and use my phone to look at the POI and see who is near me. I would select a p o i and save it as my favorite. and then those would be the cutomers I would see the next day.

    In the morning I go out to my car and my GPS would be all set ready to go.

    I prefer to use my phone, because it just works better and faster than the GPS itself. I could also leave the GPS in the car and work on my phone anywhere, anytime I wanted to.

    The my drive website or app doesn't work because it does not show the poi on the map. I only use that for uploading the information

    Now that the TomTom Go app no longer has the POI, and I have it synced to a different account than my GPS, it's become completely useless to me.

    I see this as a big step backwards for TomTom, and they have given no real answer if this will ever be available again or when. I'm concerned that if they update the software on the GPS, it's going to lose the ability for poi as well

    I will not renew my app subscription. TomTom got me addicted that feature, and now they took it away. I'm very disappointed

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    I spoke too soon. It ran for about 2 hours, new unit on a new account. Then it started acting up again. Same exact problem same exact issue. I was able to get into the my drive and stopped sync, after that it worked fine.. unless there are any other suggestions, I'm going to request a refund on my money go back to my old unit. And then look for other alternatives
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    Hi @Scottbook12

    Okay hopefully @VikramK will pick up this update re the unit playing up again.

    For the moment if you go to My Drive on the unit and Tap Stop Syncing does the issue still occur?

    You do not need to be synced to your My Drive account whilst using the unit unless you need to Sync some data.

    I assume from what you have said earlier that you have a POI file with all your work customers on. Have you gone to My Places on the unit and selected the POI file you then get a search page with the POI file name at the top and an option to type in more information and below it is listed the nearest of the Poi sites to your current position and you can scroll down and see more.

    If you Tap the right hand end of the icon, bottom right of the screen, showing 2 balloons you change to a map view with the POI positions showm. Dependant on the data input on each POI if you Tap one of the POI's Icons on the Map it will give you more information and if you Tap the 3 vertical dots next to the word Drive you can select to add the POI position to My Places.

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    when sync is turned on,I have problems when syncing is off it works perfectly fine. Yes, you can turn off the sync and it'll work fine so I can use it. However, if I have to update POi or my favorites, I have to turn sync on. When sync is on it's very difficult to get through the menu to turn it off. It keeps shutting down and locking up and running slow. I could simply disconnect the Bluetooth, but then I don't get the traffic updates.
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    This is an ongoing issue with “Mydrive Sync” and the only way I can get my device to work properly, without it going blank or rebooting, is to disable “Mydrive” sync on my device. I even tried the following:
    1. Carried out a full factory reset on my device.
    2. Cleared the data from “Mydrive”
    3. Created a new account and login.

    Everything worked as it should until I started adding routes, favourites etc back to “Mydrive” now my device randomly goes blank or reboots until once again I disable “Mydrive” sync. Now I just don’t bother using “Mydrive” it’s just not worth the hassle!
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    Welcome to the site....
    There's an unresolved problem with the Apple iPhone iOS 13 & 14 and the and the MyDrive App's advanced Smartphone features... If you can live without the bells & whistles of the MyDrive App...
    Just use a straight simple Bluetooth Connection....

    MyDrive App
    If you have the MyDrive App installed on your iPhone
    You will need to forget the Bluetooth Connection on the Phone...
    Go to Setting --> Bluetooth... Select the MyDrive App --> Forget this Device & Confirm Forget this Device....

    If you wish to install/use the MyDrive App
    DO NOT Connect Your iPhone to the MyDrive App over Bluetooth....
    Traffic will still work... MyDrive Route planning will work
    the only thing that does not work will be smartphone features....

    Setting up the Phone....
    (1)... Tap 4Dot (.... Menu) --> Setting --> Bluetooth... Tap 'Add Phone'
    (2)... Scroll the screen to display the Question mark Icon ( ? ) Screen bottom right
    Note... If the Question mark Icon ( ? ) is not displayed, scroll the screen up
    (3)... Tap on the ( ? ) Question mark Icon....
    (4).... Select... Not interested in all of these features
    Connect without the MyDrive App
    (5)... Open Personal Hotspot in the iPhone Settings menu and turn it On.
    (6)... Follow the on screen instructions... To connect over basic Bluetooth....
    Note... If the Tomtom device is not displaying for Bluetooth connection on the iPhone... Turn Bluetooth OFF and back ON....
    (7)... Select the named Tomtom device when it appears on the iPhone's Bluetooth screen (Towards the bottom of the screen)
    (8)... Tap and Agree the Bluetooth Pairing numbers on the iPhone and Tomtom device.
    (9)... You may be asked on iPhone for permission to allow Contacts & Favorites to sync with your Tomtom Device... Select if required
    10... On the Tomtom device a new window opens.... Select which phone features to use....
    Note... If you get theScreen shown below....
    Tap the Back Button ( < ) to return to the screen to select which phone features to use....


    Be Aware on the Live Devices....
    If you turn on Data for Traffic & other services... The Bluetooth/Phone Connection can take priority over the Live GPRS SIM

    On My various Tomtom Devices I get....
    GO Premium Data Connection GPRS SIM...
    I selected....

    GO 620 Data Connection... Bluetooth/Phone (NO GPRS SIM)
    I selected....

    Rider 550... Live Traffic, Directions through the Headset but NO Phone....
    On the Rider 550 I selected....

    Rider 400... Live Traffic, Directions & Phone over Headset
    I selected....

    For more Info... See Posts by @jures @kieron & @DougLap

    Stay Safe ATB YFM
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    Having same issues as soon as I connect to Mydrive 60 , 600 or 620 lock up. Not connected works fine. After 6 months, unreturned calls, no support responses I gave up. Switched to Garmin drivesmart 65. Now not looking back.!!!! Tomtoms all 6 units will be an Ebay batch sale!!!!!