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Tomtom camper, width limit too narrow!

My Motorhome is a coach-built Mercedes Sprinter, the standard width with mirrors is 2.7 metres; the Camper will not allow width inputs over 2.6; therefore I am being directed along roads which are too narrow for the Sprinter. The whole point of buying a Camper device to avoid this situation.
My older version of the Camper allowed much wider dimension to be input.
Any advice on what can be dome, will a software update please address this issue?


  • xwintechxwintech Posts: 290 [Supreme Pioneer]
    Sounds like a suggestion, let's direct this to @VikramK so he would send the feedback to TomTom DevTeam.
  • ShellbyGriffShellbyGriff Posts: 17 [Outstanding Explorer]
    My understanding is that the 2.6 width limit is because that is the legal limit of a vehicle in the UK any wider and it falls into the wide load category. Check the gov website.
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