Missing feature: Map Scale Bar on the Rider 550

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Being a longtime Garmin user (love-hate relationship), I gave the Rider 550 a chance and for the most part think the unit is a contender. It's just missing a few things, including a visible scale indicator.

When zooming in or out, how does one know the scale? It seem so obvious that this is needed. Did I miss something?


  • xwintech
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    No you didn't miss anything, there is actually no scale bar. I read the whole user manual just to be sure.
  • VikramK
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    Hi Brian,

    Welcome to the community! Thank you for the feedback, I will log this as a feature request to be passed on to our Product Team.
    Would like to also like to hear from our other users who would be in favour of having such a feature and what benefits it has.

    Thanks, Vikram
  • Young_Brian
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    Hello VikramK, Any luck with the developers adding the map scale feature? I just spent a long weekend running both the Rider 550 and Garmin Zumo 396 simultaneously. Having a visible map scale would be a super big improvement - especially when exploring. Thanks!