Mapshare - updates not as frequent?

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Hi: I perceive that mapshare updates aren't as frequent as they once were on my predecessor devices. Some years ago I got mapshare updates every time I updated (every 2/3weeks); now it's generally only charging stations and speed cameras - although, curiously, when I update over wired connection rather than wi-fi, I DO seem to get a mapshare update too, though I may be wrong.

Are mapshare updates now less frequent?


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    Hi, @marcuspmstewart !

    There is a possibility, that in your previous devices, you set the MapShare settings to "Everything" which basically would make your device receive everything that has been approved and not approved by TomTom. Check the settings on your current device about that.
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    Thanks for the kind replies. Map: UK and Ireland. Yes, I suspect the default high trust level (not alterable) on my Go Wifi Premium is the reason...
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    I haven't been getting updates from MapShare on my trucker 6000 with lifetime map and file update for months, while I do get a new map every 3 months. Updates that I submit on the site myself are approved and are registered on the site (when approved), but I do not see them on my device.
    Do more people suffer from this?

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