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I want to navigate from the United Kingdom to Belgium via France. I only have United Kingdom and Ireland on the TomTom. I have worldwide lifetime maps with my device. I downloaded Europe West which includes the UK, France and Belgium. I then chose Belgium as country, and entered the destination post code. The destination town, Bierges pops up and then one must complete the street name. But no streets are available. I enter any one of 26 letters of the alphabet, and with only one letter entered TomTom immediately says Not Found, instead of a drop down list of streets. So I deleted Europe West and installed Benelux. Exactly the same thing. Navigation to a street impossible. Never had this problem with my old TomTom which had a hard drive and all the maps installed. Worked perfectly until TomTom ceased providing updates and support. What do I do in order to be able to navigate from a street address in the UK to a street address in Belgium?


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    The GO 620 has 16GB of on-board Memory
    (1)... Leave the UK&ROI Map on the device to act as a keeper (The device needs at least one Map installed in order to run)
    (2)... Delete the remaining maps....
    (3)... Install the Full Europe Map....
    (4)... Select the Europe as the Active Map

    Just an afterthought... When you tried the Europe West Map, you did select it as the Active Map ???

    All the previous NAV4 Models and the remaining Models in the NAV5 Range... The Via, GO & GO Premium Range, have both the "Quick search" and "Step by Step search" as menu options
    Tap 4Dot (.... Menu) --> Settings --> System --> Choose a search mode....
    Option (1).... Quick Search (Default)
    Always use Quick Search, the best Search Engine....
    Option (2)... Step by Step Search....

    Stay Safe... ATB YFM