Unable to add device to our service account (or any other account)

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Dear Community,

We are an electronic workshop based in Geneva.
A elderly customer wants a simple Map and System update for Tomtom "Start 62".
Since he's not familiar with computers, he asked us to perform this simple task.
Sounds simple.... it's not...

> We tried to add it to our service TomTom account, after a factory reset: We got an error message
> We created a new account for our customer, and tried an ADD it, after a new factory reset: = Error message...
> We opened a ticket at Tomtom support. We finnally got an answer, after ages, suggesting the above sequence we've already done numerous times with no success.

Can anybody suggest something useful?,
Since we are are playing this game since 3 weeks now and still have no efficient input from Tomtom "support".
Our customer gets slightly "hot"...

MyDrive Connect V
Windows 7 eng

Thank you for your feedback

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