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2011 renault laguna sports tourer sat nav controls not working

bsmithbsmith Posts: 4 [Apprentice Traveler]
Hi i have literally bought a 2011 sports tourer with built in tomtom and the dial and control pad behind the gear stick simply is not working
when i put the sd card in it comes up with where i am then flashes off and on with the picture of the renault stock photo then asks for me to confirm which i cant do
im not overly worried about destinations etc as i just like the map infront of me in the display
any help please before renault smack my backside with ridiculous prices
waiting for a grateful response


  • xwintechxwintech Posts: 301 [Supreme Pioneer]
    edited August 2020
    Your only option is to get the dial and control pad working.
  • bsmithbsmith Posts: 4 [Apprentice Traveler]
    The dial seems to work fine when pressing buttons the screen responds just keep getting an egg timer and then the screen flashes with a picture of a car when the sd card is removed the screen is fine just no nav system perhaps a new sd card is in order how much does renault charge for these ???
  • xwintechxwintech Posts: 301 [Supreme Pioneer]
    Renault will charge you for that. But try the following.

    1. Get the SD Card out from the car and insert it to your computer
    2. Open TomTom HOME, and click on "Manage my device"
    3. Remove the TomTom Software
    4. After the program finishes its work goto "Update my device"
    5. Do all the updates and remove the SD card
    6. Insert it to the car and start the navigation

    Hope this helps!
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