Tomtom Go Freezes

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I can not get to the log in page, this site is trash. I updated go to the latest version today after many hours with the chat support (site worked earlier) I was able to get it to work. Now it just gets stuck loading. I can not believe there is no support... guessing I'll have to start using something else after this latest screwed up upgrade as now I'm not able to use it. And to think I've been recommending this app for the past 3 yrs.


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    I hope you loose all your patrons, maybe then you'll add some support.
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    I find deleting the "HOME3" and the "MyDrive Connect" folders in the MyDrive Connect Program gives MyDrive Connect the necessary CPR to bring it back to life...

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    Hi @Pissed_Off

    Can you explain what your issue is as this is a Customer Based forum where users like yourself seek to help one another to resolve issues or get help where necessary.

    As you are in the US I assume that chat is now closed until Monday when it will be back on during normal working hours. Phone customer Support is not available with so many working from home.

    I would suggest that you could try a Soft Reset to see if that sorts the issue out. Ie press and hold the ON/OFF button for about 20 seconds plus until you hear the drumroll sound then let the button go.