How do I solve..."Voice Control Cannot be used with your display language"? ....

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I bought a TomTom Go 6200 - seems I bought a European language one as the printed book it came in was in European languages except English. I've managed to get the device to display in English now - but now need to know how I can get the device to work with English voice control. Can you help?


  • DougLap
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    Hi @brownsprout

    If you have set the Language to English (UK) then you need the computerised voices Serena and Malcolm. Hopefully @VikramK or @lampard will pick this up on Monday when they are back on the forum and add the voices to your account so you can download them to your unit.

    One little tip for you is to always have a minimum of 2 maps on the unit at any time. I suggest you find the map of Iceland in the list of available maps and add it to your unit. The reason is that the unit needs a working map on it to start up so if you should be updating your main map and there is an issue and you lose the map little old Iceland will be tucked away on your internal memory and so you can run the unit normally and be able to easily reinstall the lost map.

    So look back here on Monday.

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    that's really helpful - thanks for explaining .... I'll wait for Monday and the guys to add to my account the voices I need.
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    Hi @brownsprout

    Two computer voices added- Serena & Malcolm.
    They should be offered as a download when the device is connected to a WiFi internet connection.

    Regards, Vikram