How to check if my product is on warranty/can be repaired? Is there a way to contact support agents?

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Hi, my Tom Tom watch has stopped working properly, I've done a factory reset but still same problem, I'ts ON, but the buttons does not work anymore. Sometimes I can move down the menu, nothing else, sometimes is detected by the laptop/sometimes not. When the alarm rings (once a day) I can stop it and then the down button works and that's it.

I am trying to raise a call/repair but I am on a constant loop, I don't see any contact form/email to contact an agent since the website has been changed. I am on this link and then this leads me to the website but there is no option to contact an agent.

Anyone with same problem?

I don't want to send the watch unless I know it's covered as I am not going to pay for an issue that is not my fault.



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    Can i put a new battery in my go 600 ,as it is flat and wont charge?
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    Hi @Beadsjcc

    Have a look on YouTube. Input TomTom 600 battery. If you have the confidence then you could do it yourself at your risk.

    Batteries obtainable from EBay/Amazon and toolkits for the job as well.