Speed camera price hike

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My Speed cameras recently expired also. I was shocked to see (Allowing for discount) a circa 50% increase in the cost of a 1yr subscription.

I won't be paying this.

In light of all the problems, everyone is experiencing I think by any standard a 50% increase is ridiculous.
Below is June 2019, Invoice details.

It is now 29.99 (£30 to you & I)

I think for myself I'll be thinking of using another way to guide me to my destination.

1 Speed Cameras - Europe - 1 year 19.99 £ 19.99
Shipping: £ 0.00
Shipping Discount: £ 0.00
Discounts: £ - 4.00
TOTAL: £ 15.99.


  • DougLap
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    Hi @Burnz

    Not aware of what TT unit you have but if the file you are considering buying , or have bought, is a POI based file you cannot on most models attach a sound to the Poi or be verbally advised of its position and type of camera as you approach the camera. At best you can allocate a non Camera looking icon which can appear on the map.

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    So has there been any explanation at all as to why the cost of the Speed Camera service has increased from £20/year to £36/year?
    I too have opted out from renewing due to this incredible price increase. Might even just move away from TomTom altogether and use my phone or another android device as it's free with Google Maps anyway.