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Could you please check lane restrictions as I see it on my navigation near Teslíny village. Actually, there is no restrictions.

Thank you in advance.

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Radim Jedlicka



  • DougLap
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    Hi @radimjedlicka

    This is a customer based forum designed to enable customers to help one another where problems occur.

    You need to submit your report via the Tomtom Mapshare Reporter website.

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    i ask ?....why Tom Tom make one app to allow me to give report the bridges under 4 metres high ? I used one device TomTom 620 , i drive Truck in UK , and many old bridges have under 4 metres high and the truck have 4,2 metres high. Your app have menu for report camera.....but menu for report low brigdes , don t have. I want help company TomTom for improve this aplication and help many customers who used device GPS TomTom. Thanks