2018 Dodge Promaster.

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My vehicle has the Uconnect 3/3 system built in.
My software version - 14800.2999333.4177 is not the same as is described in my manual.
My manual shows a much better software version than the simple version in my vehicle.
Is there any way to upgrade the software version to the one in my manual?


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    Hi new to the site.
    I have a 2014 Mito and recently replaced the standard radio head unit for the nav unit. I would like to upgrade the maps but within the settings “Navigation Updates” is not an option available for me to select.
    I am guessing that it is because I have older software installed - App 11.810.1298925.107 (4074,21/6/2013)
    Map: ‘Europe’ v905.4778, Release date: 1/2013
    Is it possible to upgrade the software in order that I can refresh/ purchase new maps?
    If so how do I do this?

    Many thanks in advance,
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    "Navigation updates" not an option in our software either.