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cant register my sat nav on my tomtom account have downloaded my drive


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    Hi @ted8

    I assume you have input the Tomtom account nd password during setting up the unit. If it persists in not appearing then we can ask one of the mods to help sort that out.

    By the way you will only see the unit in My Drive connect if the unit is not connected. If it is connected you will not even get to the normal page but get a screen saying update the easy way. You cannot manage the unit in My Drive Connect you can only use your PC with My Drive Connect running as a means to connect the unit to the internet. You only need to do it this way if your Wifi is poor or you have no wifi only a wired system in the house maybe for health reasons.

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    the square box that has you sat nav serial nos on on my pc account is blank it says this is your sat nav ready for update its all been done i want to put the serial no in but it keeps diverting me pain