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Am having trouble removing the US map from my TomTom Go 5100 memory card. I just want to use the device on its own with the UK map, removing the memory card completely, but I've wiped the device & it won't see any maps without the memory card & when I do a search, it keeps coming up with US destinations & I have to go back into setting to select the UK map.

I can't use TomTom Home apparently, only TomTom MyDrive Connect, but it's just for updates & doesn't give me the option to manage my maps, recent destinations or anything on my device

Any instructions/help would be appreciated.

Many thanks


  • DougLap
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    Hi @Rockluvva

    One piece of advice is that there is a benefit in having 2 maps on the unit. With that if you are updating your main map and there is an issue and you lose the map the presence of the second map enables you to Start and run the unit normally.

    So the first thing is when you:-
    Tap Menu
    Tap Settings
    Tap Map then against Current Map it will show which Map it is using at the moment.

    If it is USA then Tap Choose another Map and if the UK Map is loaded then it should offer it for selection.

    If the UK map is not shown as on the unit then attach the GO5100 to your PC with My Drive Connect running and you should be able to Load the map from the World Map list.. Once you have done that I would also look for Iceland and add that map. It is very very small and if left on the internal memory with your UK Map is an ideal for your second map.

    Once you have both the UK and The USA map on the unit then you will have an option to Uninstall the US map. Once you have done that if you want to recycle the Micro SD Card then put it in your PC and format it to Fat32 doing a full format not a quick format.

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    Hi @DougLap

    Sorry for the delay in replying, I never got any notification from this site saying someone had replied.

    Just wanted to say thank you - I will give this a shot & come back to you if I'm having trouble.

    Suzie (Rockluvva)