TomTom is comming to Android Auto! Finally!

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Google is letting certain companies of which TomTom is part of create an Android Auto version of its app.
They are expecting beta releases to be available at the end of the year. According to some news sites.

Google today announced some major updates for Android Auto and Android Automotive OS, which are expected to expand the reach of the two platforms and make it easier for app developers to create apps for the platforms. In a blog post regarding the matter, the company highlighted all the changes that are expected to make their way to Android Auto and Android Automotive OS in the coming months. Here’s a quick rundown of all the noteworthy changes making their way to Google’s Android experience for cars:
Android Auto updates

Since its inception back in 2014, Android Auto has gradually made its way to nearly every major car manufacturer globally and it’s on track to be in more than 100 million cars in the coming months. To offer a better Android Auto experience to users, Google has announced that it will be adding a host of new features to the platform. According to the blog post, Android Auto will soon get access to new categories of apps that will help users with features like navigation, parking, and electric vehicle charging.

Google Android Auto app expansion


The company has already started developing these new apps in partnership with the developers behind SpotHero, Chargepoint, and Sygic, and they will be available to beta testers by the end of the year. Following the beta testing phase, Google plans to release the new APIs for all developers and help them reach more drivers with their in-car apps.


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    ReTechNL wrote: »
    They are expecting beta releases to be available at the end of the year. According to some news sites.

    I consider this bad news. This will probably mean a delay in getting the new Android Go app on Android ready for actual use.

    I'm very disappointed some important features, like the full integration of My Drive is missing in the new version (POI-files and sending destinations from My Drive).

    It's been at least ten months since I first noticed the announcement of the new 'improved' version in the old app. One would expect the public release would be finished. But no...