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I was having a glich on my Smart Media system, so I conenected, to update like I've done before and the update went well.

Once I reconnected the SD card the GPS maps was not working, so I connect again to my PC and now the Smart Media Connect doesn't recognize the SD card.

What should I do?

I tried everything and nothing works.

The car reads the card but besides that no map.


  • NVSEusebio
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    My SD card doesn't have enough space to update the map, even If I try a smaller map
  • xwintech
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    And? Free up some space or buy a new one.
  • lampard
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    Hi @NVSEusebio

    Welcome to the Community! Have you formatted your SD card? If not, please connect your smart Media-System SD card to your computer and check for the updates again in Smart Media Connect application.

    Regards, lampard
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    was this issue sorted out because i have the same problem. now my SD card doesn't have enough space to download a map. I have removed everything from the card that it allows me to remove and still only have 928mb free space. the tomtom updates have corrupted the sd card. can anyone from TomTom tell me what they have done about this common problem
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    I'm getting exactly the same issue, I took the SD card out of the car to upgrade the maps and paid over £100 to purchase updates as well as speed camera and live services.

    I have found that as I have attempted to upgrade the maps the utilised space on the SD card has decreased, no surprises there, but now it says the SD card has 0 bytes available and 7458.21 MB are used and suggests I remove something. The issue is that when I add all the packages installed together it's less that 500 MB!!! So over 6500 MB has been lost and cannot be used!

    I paid for the updates and carried out the upgrade with my computer in good faith and now I have a system with only the UK and Ireland maps installed despite having all of Europe before I started!

    How can I resolve this so that I can load the services and files I paid for???
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