Go Navigation gets stuck planning any route

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I'm having a few problems with the new version of Go on Android (10 - Oxygen OS 10.0.7.GM57BA on One Plus 7). Just made a return trip to France and had to revert to Google Maps both ways. On the way out it crashed, then would not restart (just repeatedly crashed). I had to completely re-install. Now it can't plan a route - it sits there producing a dot pattern in the lower portion of the screen but never finishes. Never had any problems with the old version.
What I did notice is that on both occasions just prior to it failing, it had real trouble reporting the correct speed of the car - with cruise control locked at 130kph it would report anything and everything between 80kph, and 160kph. Seemed to happen both times after about 3 hrs use. I've tried rebooting the phone and clearing the cache but no joy there. Any help appreciated! Thanks.


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    Hi @Peter65

    Have you checked what maps you have loaded?

  • Peter65
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    Hi Doug - Yes - I have all the correct maps. I cannot even plan a route to a place a few miles from my house! Peter