My TomTom Experience

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Absolute crap company and products in 2020. I was hung up on from Kuldeep Dimble based in India. 1 person for the entire Asia Pacific. Who disconnected to the minute he’s work day finished, and simply sent me a link and told me to go to Microsoft with my issue. The GPS device I purchased as an updgrade in Australia was the Start 52. Crap. Processor is insufficient and is a slow as hell. I’ve resorted to Google Maps and will never buy or advocate another TomTom or affiliate product in my life. As a long time supporter and brand advocate of TomTom despite friends suggesting Garmin or Navman and others, I stood by TomTom. My previous model GPs was faster and better functionality then this updgrade. The fact the Dutch company has moved operations to India and with literally no customer support, reflects where this organisation is heading. The only voice I have is social media as there website doesn’t invite feedback, and the CEO Harold Goddijn, will not allow connection via LinkedIn, and invitations are only allowed to be “considered” if you have his email address. Well if I had Harolds email address, I wouldn’t need to use a connecting networking site like Linked In. I’d email Harold directly. Again this reflects the culture of this organisation.


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    Hi @Badcustomerservice

    This forum is a customer based forum where other users help one another.

    What is you problem as maybe we can point you in the right direction.

    One question I would ask is what free memory do you have on the unit as if it is below 400mb then the unit will run slow as it uses Free Memory for operating purposes.