Live Trafic order. Buyed buy not working on Carminat

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I've buyed a 3 month live update for trafic info.y Live services has ti be renewed, but i decided to buy only a 3 month service Just for Trafic.
After payed for service and buyed a more recente map, i've update my sd with pc.
At moment i've only the new map but not update about trafic.
My Renault Carminat serial Is IB, and results compatibile with 3 month Trafic update.
How can i solve? Can i got a refund for not working service?

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    Don't write your serial number on the threads. It will surely enough get removed by a mod but know that in the future
    Contact TomTom Support for that.
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    Hi @timpoldo

    Welcome to the Community! The SIM card inside your device is deactivated after 18 months of not using LIVE services since 2014. You should contact our support to get a refund on your latest Live service subscription. Map update should work normally.

    Regards, lampard