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Clunky Software - Pairing is awful!


I received my Go Camper yesterday and initial setup appeared to go ok.

Today after reading through the features etc I decided to pair it with my phone (iPhone 11). The main reason for me wanting to do this is is for the use of the phones data when the Go Camper loses connection via the built in SIM.

I had already registered a MyDrive account, so downloaded the app. I followed the process for pairing, which to be honest has way to many steps considering Bluetooth has been around a while and a very simple service to connect to in all other Btooth devices.

The phone pairs and shows connected in the Go Camper. With the exception of the Call Answering feature all other features state that they failed to connect. In the phones Bluetooth settings you will either see two copies connected, or a variation of one connected and one trying etc....

The data sharing will simply not work.

Now heres my gripe... I have read through numerous posts in this group with bluetooth and wifi connectivity being a very common issue. The superusers and moderators default answers are always the same, “ Soft Restart, followed by hard restart, followed by call TomTom”.

C’mon guys, with this being such a regular issue surely TomTom should be looking at the firm/software as its been going on for a long time. The whole connectivity approach is clunky and feels more like poorly written code tbh.

Moderators, do you have catchup sessions with TomTom to discuss common issues as to me it feels no-one is monitoring and reporting.

Now before I receive the default answers, yes I have completed soft/hard restarts, completely removed the paired phone and tried the pairing multiple times.


  • DougLapDougLap Posts: 7,745
    Hi @JasF

    Try the following. Completely delete the pairings on both the phone and the GO Camper then turn both units Off and ON.

    Open Bluetooth in Settings on your Phone and DO NOT open My Drive as you will not be using it at all. Now also turn on Personal Hotspot on your iPhone and then go back to the Bluetooth on your Phone. Turn your Go Camper on and when you can see it in Bluetooth on your phone select it . You will get the usual pairing numbers to agree and the 2 units will pair. You will not be asked for your Personal Hotspot Password but it is essential that you have both Personal Hotspot and Bluetooth on at the same time otherwise Bluetooth will not work..

    If you go to the Bluetooth settings on the GO Camper and Tap on your phone you will see 3 options. The first is Handsfree and it should be saying connected. The second option is Data and this you only need to turn on if you think you are likely to need the data facility to get Traffic if the inbuilt Sim loses contact with the TT servers. Mine is usually turned Off and I have not had a problem with Traffic. The 3rd option is Messaging and that may say connected but it will lose that connection.

    The My Drive App was used in the Bluetooth setup to facilitate the Messaging but a security change introduced by Apple in IOS13 seems to have blocked that and clearly it appears a simple App change is not an Option.

    With this set up you should hopefully get the Handsfree working and the GO Camper should work as it should except the messaging.

  • JasFJasF Posts: 3 [New Seeker]
    Hi Doug.

    Firstly, thank you for taking the time to write such an in depth reply, appreciated.

    I removed the MyDrive app altogether to completely rule it out.
    I then removed my phone from the Go bluetooth, and the Go from my phones bluetooth.

    I then shutdown both devices.

    I started up the phone and followed your guide by activating the hotspot and ensuring that bluetooth was switched on.

    I then turned on the Go and waited 5mins, it did not show up in the phones bluetooth search.

    I was about to go to the Go’s bluetooth to click the add phone when I noticed that it was already showing and connected? It had also now sown up on the phone, despite them both being previously removed.

    The handsfree is connected and I have successfully tested it.

    The data was still showing as unable to connect. I realised then that maybe the wifi connection was causing this so walked outside until I lost the wifi connection, the data connection then switched to my phones hotspot (quite obvious in hindsight). and worked.

    Heres the strange thing, earlier when using the app method, the smartphone messages did connect once, though didn't test them. As I am not overly bothered on that feature I can live with it until Apple/TomTom come up with a fix.

    Am I correct in thinking that if I create any custom routes etc in the MyDrive app on my iPad, or on the TomTom website they will still sync with the Go when it is connected to my wifi?

    Thanks again.
  • DougLapDougLap Posts: 7,745
    edited August 2020
    Hi @JasF

    If you restore the MyDrive App To your phone you can also create routes on that and send the Destination or Stops, if you have them in the route. If you create the route in MyDrive, including in the App and save them to the My Routes folder there and click the sync button on each route they will be sent to your Unit’s My Routes folder.

    Be aware if you create routes on the unit and save them to the My Routes folder on the Unit they will not be synced back to the App or your Tablet. Those routes you would need to copy to a Micro SD card and import them into your My Drive Account.

    Because your unit has the inbuilt sim you do not need Wifi to send stuff from MyDrive to the unit. For example if you have a partner on a journey using the unit you could take out your phone wherever you are and create a route in MyDrive and send it to your device. Your partner may not realise but their destination has been changed. Coventry comes to mind 😂😂

  • JasFJasF Posts: 3 [New Seeker]
    Thanks again Doug for sharing your knowledge.

    Didn’t realise the SIM behaved that way, thought it was purely for traffic updates and speed cams.


  • DougLapDougLap Posts: 7,745
    Hi @JasF

    If you were away from home and had to do a full factory Reset then when you have set the unit up it will restore all your MyPlaces etc when it logs into your account using the inbuilt Sim.

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