How do I update my TomTom Start 25 satnav?

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I have lifetime maps included with my device. Not done an update for a while. I have started the MyDrive app, logged into my account, connected the satnav to my laptop, can see my model shown in the devices registered, but can't see where to click. I can see a 'How to Update' button that just leads me to instructions for all the above things I have already done. How do I now get it to update my maps from this point? I was expecting something like an 'update now' button but can't see one.


  • DougLap
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    Hi @Peteinterpol

    I assume that you mean you have opened the My Drive Connect software on your PC. If you see your unit there then if there are any updates it normally has a little number top right of the picture of the device.

    If you click on the device it will take you to a page and in the picture of the Device it will say if the unit is connected or not and it should list next to it how many updates there are for the device. If the device is connected then click on the listed updates and do them one at a time.

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    Hello Doug. That has partly helped. My laptop found the satnav device and I started the updates, but connection between the two devices was lost. So I have tried a more robust laptop and it can't even find the satnav - it says it is "not connected". Is there a way of manually finding the satnav if it doesn't do so on its own?