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Request for assistance from support ignored!!!

Does anyone get a response?


  • VikramK
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    Hi @Lolz
    Welcome to the community!
    Could you send me the incident or the ticket number of your contact through a private message, please?
    Thanks, Vikram
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    Bonjour, j'ai beau enlevé l'option sans autoroute et voie à péage, le GPS me ramène systématiquement sur une autoroute. que faut-il faire c'est très ennuyeux surtout avec un parcours conçu sur TYRE PRO, le GPS ne tient pas compte de l'itinéraire créé, merci de votre réponse
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    I will say TomTom support is amongst the worst you can get. Of the 9 months Ive had my car, my navigation as been useless for 5 months of that to TomTom and their issues, useless support assistance and runarounds.
    Once again my nav says No MAPS FOUND.. When I do an update it says READY to GO. Then when I check the memory card it says memory card full. I cannot take anything else off as it shows there is nothing left on the card but still says memory full with NOTHING listed as on the card and I cannot load anything onto it. The help info is useless as not related and the stupid automated chat pathetic and no way of speaking to anyone with a brain. When you do get to chat to a human they pretend to offer you a soution then disappear very quickly wiith only having wasted your time.
    This is pathetic.. I wiull not buy another vehiicle with a TOMTOM unitin it as I paiud good money for mapsI cannot use most of the time.
    Thisa is theft!!!!!
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    I bought Abo of TomTom Services for my Discover, it is on my Amex Card Bill, but can not install !!
    The Support Robot does not work for days - no other chance.. what now ?
    How can i install the Services I paid for ?
    No - this is not a support anymore, in no way !