For the TomTom staff there is a scammers on Amazon sell fake TomTom SD cards

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Hi, just want to pass the information about Amazon sellers who sell counterfeit TomTom map updates. They sell fake cloned Chinese SD cards. And those links is not all TomTom fake SD cards they sell. if you go in to their profile you will find a lot more, and not only TomTom but also HERE, GARMIN etc..
The SD cards they sell they all the latest 2020 versions without original box....

Moderators, please forward those links to the relevant department for the investigation.

Fake TomTom SD cards sold by Amazon seller "NaviUPDATES"ürkei-Ford-2018/dp/B07BQDQJ4Y/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=tomtom&m=A313ZLGW3EHM8T&qid=1596737755&s=merchant-items&sr=1-1

Fake TomTom SD card sold by Amazon seller "GPS UPDATE"

Fake TomTom SD cards sold by Amazon seller "GpsSoftware"

Here is just a links to each seller profile where you can see what they sell