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Is there a good reason why the TomTom Go IOS app does not have the MyRoute functionality that the Android app has ? Sorry if this has been asked before but I did do a quick search. I really like the app but not being able to sync and save routes is a PITA. Don't even get me started on POIs.

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  • DougLap
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    Hi @Levisp

    The ability to sync POI and Route files has never to my knowledge been available in the IOS Apps. Whilst it has been with the Android Apps so I assume it is an Apple restriction as why one not the other.

    Interestingly the IOS App works in CarPlay but the Android App does not work in Android Auto. I think you may find the only Nav Apps Google let work with Android Auto is Google and Waze.
  • Levisp
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    Thanks for reply. I don't see why there would be an Apple restriction because you can save and sync MyPlaces. You can save to MyPlaces in the app and sync from MyDrive. If thats possible then POIs and routes should not be a problem. I know Apple are fairly restrictive but I feel thats an excuse. I also just don't get what AmiGo app is all about when there is so much more development needed to be done in both Go and MyDrive apps. At times I don't understand the TomTom logic.
  • Levisp
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    Fingers crossed I look forward to this. I think there are many of us who would really like to be able to save a route and be able to sync routes saved in MyDrive. Thank you for your reply.
  • RicoK
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    @Jürgen Thank you! Finally, I am also looking forward to it.
  • smudger64
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    Agreed! The Tomtom MyDrive app is excellent, but without being able to have MyRoutes in GO it goes to waste.

    Of course what would be best is all of the functionality of MyDrive actually in Go, but being able to sync MyRoutes will still be top anyway.
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    This has long been a problem in the iOS app. The reason I stopped using TomTom for anything more than basic trip planning from A to B where I don't care about the route.

    At one stage I specifcally kept a second Android phone just for TomTom navigation but this was too much hassle.

    More and more google is overtaking TomTom in route planning and used more and more as my go to navugation tool.

    TomTom are killing themselves with their inflexibility. I understand that they want to lock people in to devices but I'm afraid the writing is on the wall. I personally refuse to buy a device but have been a tomtom app purchasor and then subscriber for many years. But the time is fast approaching when i won't bother.
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